Integrating AddThis with Rails 4

Integrating AddThis with Rails 4


In this short tutorial, I will explain how I got AddThis working with turbolinks in a rails 4 application

So I recently signed up for Addthis and added their share tools to my tutorials section of this site. I had AddThis working normally on a full page load but navigation to a different page caused the links not to show up as I was using turbolinks gem which makes following links in a rails application feel amazingly faster.

I spent alot of time searching on Google and Stackoverflow for a solution but most of them din't work for me. I stumbled upon a solution that worked for me on the turbolinks issues page on Github. I expect this to not be a terribly popular article, but if I ever need to set this stuff up myself in the future, then I’ll have it written down somewhere at least!

Create a javascript file in your javascripts folder call it addthis.js and add the following code.

Remember to require the file in your manifest javascript file


Loading Gist

Most of other solutions I found din't work because it looks like AddThis was setting tens of properties on window and checks for some of those before reloading, So I decided to go with this solution. Hope it helps! Thank you for reading




02 Jul 14

Thanks for this post. I have spent so many hours trying to get this to work. Ive had the exact same issue. It is working in my development but when I post to heroku the sharing buttons disappear. So confusing. Any ideas as to why? I do use a rack-zippy gem to serve the compressed js and css files, but that shouldn't effect anything as my other other javascript plugins work.


02 Jul 14

Ahhh. I have to use https instead of http in the url. Thanks so much for this post!

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