Rails - Load More Results Using Jquery & Ajax

Rails - Load More Results Using Jquery & Ajax


In this tutorial, I will try and explain a very simple way on how to go about implementing a simple load more button which fetches for records using jquery, ajax in a rails application

Maybe you have seen how twitter's or facebook's style of loading older posts. They have a very nice technique of helping the user load older posts. We will try and create a similar functionality in a rails application. This tutorial assumes you have some basic knowledge with rails and jquery.

You can view a demo app made using this tutorial on heroku, and you can also clone it on github.

So, for this tutorial I have scaffolded a user model to get up fast and running and my index.html.erb looks like so


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In my user.rb file I am fetching records with the latest record fetched first


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Next, in my users partial, I pass in the id of each record and store it in a html5 data attribute called id.


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I then use jquery to get the last id of the record and make an ajax request to the server with the last id


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In my users controller's index action, I test whether the id param is present and if so query for records with id lower than the last id we sent with ajax and limit the results to 5


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We now need a file to respond to the js format. With this we create a file called index.js.erb which renders the user partial with the @users results


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And thats it! your good to go! This is all you need to do a simple load more with jquery and ajax. If you have any problems, check the source code and see if you can find any differences.



Mateusz UrbaƄski

19 Jul 14

In index action should be: @users = User.where('id > ?', params[:id]).limit(5) :)

Sreang Rathanak

31 Mar 16

How about field we order in not 'created_at', so what should we check in controller?


25 Jun 16

Do you have any idea how to get all the links given on doctors name for all? http://health.usnews.com/do... Because load more given so i can't able to access all links. Can anyone please provide solutions for load more?

Shawn Lindsey

02 Sep 16

This was great. My use case was a bit different but I got load more working. The feed for my sports betting and picks site CappedIn.com was working in about 2 hours! Excellent resource here.


12 Nov 17

Hi, this tutorial was really useful to me! How am i able to hide the 'load more' button if all users have been loaded? I have tried to tweak the user.js, but the 'load more' button disappears after i click it once. success: function () { $('.loading-gif').hide(); # i have limited in view to 3 users per load if (last_id -2 = 3){ $('.load-more').hide(); } else { $('.load-more').show(); } }

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